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Recent years we have seen a growing number of releases being labeled as organic electronic music. It does not just apply to a change of soundscape, with sampled flora and fauna, but also a looser musical framework and a breaking of the 4×4 contract.

That is why we wonder:

What is organic electronic music?
With german duo Piemont

Detroit is undoubtedly the birthplace of techno. Hailing from the new sounds of car production back in the mid 1980s, techno was both the sound of the apocalypse and of future. Today still 22 percent of the cars made in the U.S. are produced in the Detroit area, while techno production has become a global phenomenon.

But as times are changing, and cars and old power plants no longer are subjects of the future, but of the past, there must be place for a reaction. As the industrialization of production has made it a dirty industry, the era of organic electro could be a road to redemption, leaning towards a more natural expression of ecology and simultaneously taking a step away from the smoggy suburbs of Detroit. Or are we exaggerating?

Germany is going towards 50% of renewable electricity, but is also widely recognized for its quality engineering and car production. We wonder if there is a connection between german energy policies and the music industry. For answers we turn to german duo Piemont. They release “Behind The Curtain EP” on Lapsus Music today: an intimate and authentic release, though not a detachment from the genres of house or techno.

Your next release, Behind the Curtain on Lapsus Music, is labeled ”organic techno”. Why?

In the beginning, we were just looking for a more individual genre when uploading new music to our Soundcloud profile. We were bored of labeling our tracks “Deep House“ or “Tech House“ all the time as these terms nowadays aren‘t able to describe the music‘s character. For us the term ‘Organic Techno‘ seemed to be the best attribute to describe what we were doing music wise.

What separates organic electro from the original genre?

According to our opinion, there doesn‘t exist any serious differences between the genres. The essence of House and Techno is always the the same: music that contains the spirit of soul and funk but with a tempo to dance to. The attribute ‘organic‘ is rather a subtle and personal thing.

Perhaps ‘organic‘ music contains a sophisticated mixture of sampled and generated sounds which lets the track sound warmer and less artificial. Moreover, we love music with nontransparent sound design where many elements merge into one, resulting in a single harmonious sound.

Do you think there is a connection between the german energy politics and your music in particular and electronic music in general?

Indeed, the ecological thinking is a popular issue in Germany at least in its urban culture and also the german engineering instustry might be internationally rocognized. However, we don‘t have the feeling it does affect the electronic music scene in general. We for instance get our musical inspiration from all across the globe.

When speculating: what would the organic era of electro be a reaction to?

We have always had a preference for warm and natural sounds. But in general, the current trend could be a reaction to many of today‘s hyper-optimized and almost too perfect sounding productions. Actually it‘s nothing wrong with quality productions as it‘s still an important criterion. But a lot of mainstream tunes have a lack of individuality and musical uniqueness. Looks like people are looking for something diefferent.

What would be the future of the genre of organic electro?

Obviously, there won‘t be a hype but maybe a musical continuance in the scene as many listeners will go on to demand warmer and – lets say – non-perfect grooves.


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