Nordic electronic artists to watch in 2015: Kant, CANVAS, Sandra Mosh, Just Pau, Phantom, Rimbaudian, Swim, Lou Van, B.G. Baarregaard, Yotto


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CANVAS (Sweden)

CANVAS are Andreas and Robin Schulz, two swedish brothers based in Stockholm and Trollhättan. So far you might have heard their super-chill wave remixes of Boeoes Kaelstigen, Seinabo Sey, Devils Touch, Odesza and Shura. Swedish melancholy touching against a backdrop of futuristic and cinematic electronica. For the 2015 the brothers are preparing a mini-album with brand new CANVAS future soul tunes. Stay tuned.

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Lou Van (Denmark)

Lou Van

A born and raised Copenhagener, Lou Van (aka Ludvig Larsen) has been doing DJ gigs in Danish capital since early 2009. But lately Ludvig has been getting more and more serious about production at it is definitely starting to pay off. He’s recent releases and remixes has been landing smoothly on labels like Submission, Sleazy Dep, Dear Deer and Spirit Soul Records. Early 2015 will see a new Lou Van track called My Love released on Armada Deep. Make sure to keep a good eye on this young gentleman during the year.

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Swim (Sweden)


Despite no official releases, the new wave electronic Malmö based trio Swim has been doing some successful tour stops in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany receiving top support from the European crowds in 2014. But now the long wait seems to be finally over, as Swim are preparing a few singles, some remixes and even a full album to be unveiled during 2015.

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Sandra Mosh (Sweden)

Sandra Mosh

After DJing at countless events, parties and festivals and hosting both Musikguiden the Elektoniskt i P2 shows nn the Swedish National radio, Sandra had no other choice than to go into the studio and start creating music of her own. Landing a very well received debut, a raw techno EP titled Skallgång on her own Mosh Musik and a stripped down, melancholic Kissey remix full of atmosphere, Sandra is currently preparing new material for Mosh Musik in 2015. Stay tuned.

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Yotto (Finland)

Yotto (photo Timo Torvikoski)

Yotto is Otto Yliperttula residing in Helsinki, a young producer who gracefully balances on the border between the city’s two electronic scenes – the underground and the mainstream one. Yotto upcoming productions for 2015 include a couple of remixes, new colab projects with You Are Me and CAPS as well as some solo Yotto tracks to be release before summer.

Yotto Soundcloud:

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Just Pau & Erik Altoff (Sweden)

Just Pau

A prodigy songwriter with mesmerizing voice and a hard working bass loving producer. Our hopes are high for Pauline “Just Pau” Högberg & Erik Altoff since they uploaded Free – a track with equal doses of deep house sweetness and the 60s Woodstock love.

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B.G. Baarregaard (Island / Norway)

B.G. Baarregaard

Originally from Reykjavík, now residing in Oslo, this Islandic neon light warrior once again proves that disco genre is back and here to stay for good. With Flashback out on Silhoette Music being one of the sweetest, most chill track of 2014 and with the recent Disco Inn EP, there are definitely more super sweet tunes to count on from Björn.

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Rimbaudian (Sweden)

RimbaudianWe accidentally booked Rimbaudian to a charity summer music event a year and a half ago and got very impressed with his live-set. He’ve been impressing us since then especially during the late part of 2014. Rimbaudian (aka Armand Darius) keeps spitting out beautiful tracks one after another – simple, unpretentious house tracks, all breathing the pure New York 90s vibe. First Rimbaudian release is out soon on Malmö based Fake Recordings. The EP will include tracks called Dance of the Hanged Men and Modern Death. And with the current production ratio there might be another 20-something Rimbaudian signature tunes ready to be unleashed in 2015. Look out.

Kant (Denmark)


Kant (Joachim Shaarup) has been completely on fire during 2014 landing massive hits on One More Tune, Suara & Kattermuke as well as official remixes for Mø and Tomas Barfod. With Dyster & Kiss tracks to be released on Hive Audio end of January, we are all exited about more Kant tunes to come in 2015.

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Phantom (Finland)


Last but not least on this list are Phantom. A Helsinki based production duo, Hanna Toivonen and Tommi Koskinen create dark, bass driven electronic soul. It’s purely amazing.

Get all the Nordic Electronic Artists to Watch in 2015 as Spotify, Deezer or Souncloud playlst.

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