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Its been a long road leading up to Nico Stojans debut album. It is always hard to do these album reviews since it is hard to do them justice. It is not a mix series where you more or less are prepared for whats coming, this is when you brake it down someones music career to date reduced to 14 tracks spanning over 71 minutes.

For those expecting a club oriented ride, they might be disappointed. This is an homage to cultural influences. You get Jazz, you get funk, you get ambient, you get dreamy tropical islands from this storytelling through different soundscapes.

Like all albums there are tracks that you know will go over better with the bigger crowd than others. Blue Hour ans Matinee are those tracks. Dare i say it, but it has all those elements that has made Deep House socially accepted. Melancholy basslines and melodies paired with soothing vocals.

You would expect that the entire album might go in that direction, but that is not the case.

Premiere: Nico Stojan – Maori Girl

A refreshing path is taken with tracks like Tortured and Surrender where you get some flirting going on with Jazz and string quartets. It should be said that this is highly subjective, but a good album needs to have a defined line between different tempos. It can’t all be radio hit after radio hit. What makes it good is a diverse sound that leads you to different crossroads but at the end will take you back to the path you started on.

Overall this album manages to do just that. Give the listener a chance to dip in to different genres without having to lose touch with its House core.

Artist: Nico Stojan
Title: Twisted Manners
release date: October 12th, 2015
label: URSL Records
catalog no URSL024
Verdict: 7/10


1. Here We Go Again
2. Schatz Altah
3. Beyond All Odds
4. Blue Hour Feat. Freke
5. Matinee
6. Maori Girl
7. Twisterlude
8. Born And Raised Feat. Mira
9. Own Way Feat. Iannis Ritter
10. Surrender Feat. Achilles Moss
11. What You Know
12. Dedicated Feat. Iannis Ritter
13. Sin Fin

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