New Swedish house & techno label Bror Records: BROR01 by Nowakowski is out March 2nd [Vinyl Only]


Some say west coast is the best coast. It might be true for the Swedish techno scene this year as there is a lot of new movements on the Swedish West coast around Göteborg area. Göteborg based DJ & producers Martin Nowakowski is back in town (after a few years in Berlin) and is about to kick-start BROR, a vinyl-only label on a mission to gather the best techno and house produced on the west coast of Sweden.

The name Bror (meaning brother in Swedish’) comes from the internal producer slang Martin and [his brothers] Shakarchi and Stranéus use as a type of superlative for things that are cool, awesome and grand. For Martin, it also symbolizes the brothership and sistership of Göteborg based DJs and producers. Nowakowski hopes to use BROR as vinyl only techno and house window for music for his friends and other producers from Västkusten.


BROR01 is a two-tracker vinyl, this time by Nowakowski himself. The softer B-side For Kajsa being a homage to a lost friend. An the more hard hitting techno A-side with a atmospheric piano jam is called Dryg meaning cocky in Swedish.

Meanwhile, the BROR02 is in the making. The only thing Martin wants to disclose about the second BROR release is that it will feature a remix by Nils Krogh aka Arkajo one half of Genius of Time. Finally the label boss wants to add that BROR was very much inspired by the other Swedish vinyl-only labels such as Karlovak and BOSS.

Artist: Nowakowski
Title: BROR01
Label: Bror Records
Release Date: 02/03 2015
Catalogue Number: BROR01
Genre: Techno / House
Score: 8/10

1) Dryg
2) For Kajsa

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