New swedish Electronic Label “I Was Expecting Donuts”: D1 EP out soon.

I was expecting donuts D1
Hailing from the Gothenburg suburb Trollhättan, I Was Expecting Donuts is a new label project launched by Paolo Cortado och Dominik DiCoco (aka Dafvid Skoogh). The label bosses prefer to present I was Expecting Donuts more like a cultural constellation which included music, art and events, rather than solely just a house label.

Art is about originality, not duplication. – I Was Expecting Donuts label moto

For the label’s first release the EP called simply D1 (Donuts 1) is about to get released during the next few weeks. For the A-side the label bosses Cortado / DiCoco prepared a warm and quite an untraditional techno track with both lot’s of melody and deepness. Perfect dancefloor thermalizer coming back with more deepness and energy after every break.

On the flipside we find and organic and trippy, floating track yet another sweden – the west-coast based Echo Carrier. Perfect to listening while lying on the back and starring into the blue sky, slowly floating on yacht through the summery Göteborg archipelago.

Artists: Cortado / Dicoco & Echo Carrier
EP: D1
Label: I was expecting donuts
Genre: Techno / Deep

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