Mix of the Day: Superlover – Metronome Mix


Ferri Borbás has been moving on up lately. Most notably with Love Flute on Mother Recordings this summer which we picked for HMWL Premiere back in august. Ferri also managed to follow up on Love Flute / Love Machine with a very sexy remix for Brett Gould on Sex Panda White. It’s bassy, disco deep and all so smooth. Superlover loves touring and celebrates the autumn with this excellent mixtape for Insomniac’s Metronome.

I definitely hope to see him playing more in Sweden / Nordics since he only have done one DJ gig up here so far, more specifically in Upsala. 


1. Hanne & Lore “Karma Supra”
2. Onsra “Funky Town”
3. Aussteiger “Bangbao”
4. White label (unreleased)
5. Martin Waslewski “Chain Gin”
6. Cubus, What Ever “Calypso”
7. Superlover “Love Machine”
8. Purple Disco Machine, Robosonic “Viel Fein”
9. Onsra “Burning Up”
10. Nhan Solo, Dilby “Home”
11. Superlover “Love Flute”

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