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There’s definitely something happening down South, and we don’t mean Malmö.

Over the past few months HMWL family Bühnekind has been filling our inbox with some deep vibes all the way from South Africa and now his fellow countryman, Sean Taylor has sent over some of that good stuff.

Sean is a 25 year old producer, living in Cape Town, who’s recent single Salus (Feat. Melissa Truebody) has just been released by Universal Music Africa. 

We caught up with to talk life, music and bulle:


HMWL: Tell us about your background and how you started making music

ST: It all started in about 2007, my high school friend bought a pair of Pioneer CDJ 100’s. We used to go back to his place after school and mix tracks for hours on end. I then progressed to djing at clubs and taking that very seriously, until I found some production software in about 2010. I was intrigued with this. I went for private lessons with a well-established producer at the time that I met through djing and from there I directed my focus at making music rather than mixing. It’s been a non-stop venture ever since!

HMWL: How would you describe your sound and what influences

ST: My sound is very dynamic; I have experimented with a diverse range of genres and musical styles that have definitely played their roles in influencing my productions. I like to incorporate that bouncy, crisp, well-mixed feel which I think is what makes my productions sound clean and smooth. At the moment I can definitely say my sound is heavily influenced by the deep house and techno scene.


HMWL: Can you tell us something about the scene in South Africa? What’s popular and where you see it growing

ST: The South African music scene is a very diverse and unique one. The fact that we are situated at the bottom of Africa perhaps allows us to view the musical world from a different perspective, taking influence from all the scenes worldwide and mashing it up into our own. There are many popular genres and music festivals happening around the country, from psytrance, to big pop concerts, to large deep house and techno gatherings – these all gain plenty of support from music enthusiasts and partygoers. South Africa has produced some phenomenal musical talent and in my opinion, we have one of the best music cultures in the world and I see this only growing in the future years to come.

HMWL: What’s your plan for the next two or three years

ST: My plan for the next few years is to keep working on my production and musical progress. I want to improve my expertise and knowledge with regards to all things music. I’m also planning to build up my studio with a few nice toys – this is an expensive hobby! Haha! I’ve just bought myself a new Mashine and next I’ve got my eyes on Komplete Ultimate 10!

HMWL: What’s on your “hot tracks” list for 2015 so far?

ST: At the moment, i’m really feeling the tunes I’ve put together in the mix and those artists (see track listing), there’s a lot of talent out there and fresh tunes coming out, so that’s a rather tough question. There are also some great local South African artists releasing a number of hot tunes!

HMWL: Lastly, if you come and have coffee with us in sweden would you pick a cinnamon or cardamom bun?

ST: Hahaha, good question! Well, I’m a huge coffee addict and would be really keen to join you guys in Sweden as I’ve never been there, so we better make that happen! I would have to pick the cinnamon bun though – those are my most favorite treats! Cinnamon mmmmmm

Thanks, Sean! Kanelbulle is on us when you make it here.

Check out Sean’s HMWL mix of the day below:


Mix Tracklist:


  • Teenage Mutants-Barbès (Original Mix)
  • James Newton Howard feat. Jennifer Lawrence-The Hanging Tree (Hector Remix)
  • Wasabi & Maria Lue – Gimme A Man (Teenage Mutants & Lars Moston Remix)
  • Sean Taylor ft. Melissa Truebody – Salus (Original)
  • Teenage Mutants & Kant – No One Knows(Original Mix)
  • Bontan & Sonny Fodera – Always You (Shiba San Remix)
  • Fat Sushi – Love Matters (Original Mix)
  • Bontan – Firefly (Original Mix)
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