Mix Of The Day: Jonas Saalbach – “April ’15 Promo Mix”

Jonas Saalbach

After a more-than-brief hiatus, the Mix Of The Day selection is back. Sometimes we have to get lost and wander a bit to find the next stage of our musical taste development. Luckily Jonas Saalbach was at the end of my soul-searching, reminding me of the staples of essential techno and deep house in this age of bass and future disco.

This mix is a standard promo mix, in that it explains in roughly 60 minutes who Jonas Saalbach is at this point in time as a DJ. I’ve always favored promo mixes to podcasts, as they tend to be more representative of the artist in general. This one is no different. It’s a splendid mix of groovy tech house and Berlin deep house. Perfect spring tunes. Listen to it in the middle of the day or at dawn, as the vibes are all about finding and embracing the light.

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