Interview & Playlist takeover: La Fleur – winner of best dance prize category in Swedish P3 Guld.

La Fleur P3 Guld

We were very happy to see Sanna Engdahl aka DJ La Fleur win the official Dance category at this years P3 Guld awards by Swedish National Radio. Sanna has been working super-hard the last 3 years, running her own Power Plant Records, delivering remixes for Kerri Chandler, Jay Lumen and Kate Boy,  while also holding a DJ residency at Watergate Club in Berlin and touring extensively. So we decided to call her for a chat and to ask how she feels about the P3 Guld Award.

The Swedish Electronica playlist is curated by La Fleur this week. Follow on Spotify / Deezer!


You’ve just won the P3 Guld award, for ‘Årets Dans’ – what does it mean to you to be recognized for you work, at home in Sweden?

A lot! It was the third year in a row I was nominated and the two earlier year I lost in favor to SHM and Avicii, two big commercial acts. I am happy that underground music got recognition again and so thankful and happy for the votes and the jury nominating me.

Tell us a little about 2014 and the prize; what do you think lead to the nomination and the actual win?

2014 was a fantastic year. I did a compilation CD for Watergate Records, remixed one of my personal dj legends Kerri Chandler, released two EPs which one on my own label Power Plant, had a crazy fun touring schedule and did my first proper US/NA tour. A combination of hard work and fun that pays off I hope.

You released two EPs and worked on some great remixes, while still managing to tour North America. What keeps you going when things are hectic?

Trying to relax in between the madness. Recharge my batteries when I can. I found out that to be home cooking a lot of healthy food and doing pilates and yoga helped me a lot this year. And remember to sleep!

Could you give us your top 5 tracks of last year?

Stereo MC’s – Good Feeling (Mr G’s Turn On Dub)
La Fleur – Arms Around (C2 Affected Mix) – Watergate Records
Midland – Before We Leave
Trus’me – I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Show B – Dem Atmos – Watergate

You’ve previously said that you dislike the word perfectionist, because it sometimes makes it hard to think outside of the box. How would you describe your method of work?

Haha yes because I am a perfectionist but I’ve learned to control it. To me, it’s important to keep a red thread through everything I take on. Whether it’s naming the tracks for my new EP or choosing the cover for my new record label release, I put a lot of attention in the details. I must be happy with the whole package, start to finish.

What’s the plan for 2015?

I wish I could tell you but at the moment I have to keep it to myself. So many fun exciting things happening and I very much look forward to share the news with you in a few months. Exciting times ahead!

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