Howling – Sacred Ground [Expected May 05]

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There are moments you sit at a piano in the middle of a beautiful studio tucked into the fields of central England. You’re staring at a 400 year old tree and a castle and you can’t stop thinking about putting a kick drum behind the raw piano, to juxtapose the intimacy of it all…

– Ry X & Frank.

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The golden voice of RY X and german producer Frank Wiedemann from the duo Âme together pierce through metal with their latest “Signs”. RY X or real name Ry Cuming was the first artist to ever be signed to Stockholm-based label Dumont Dumont. The Australian folk singer has a weak but piercing voice that brings Jeff Buckley to life. Allied with the kick drum of Frank Wiedemann the two create a emotional, stripped and clear form of homespun house.

As it premiered on Nowness, they released “Signs” two days ago: a lone piano, a voice on the verge and a salient kick drum. That is the signum of the duo, as simple and gentle as could be. It makes me feel the same unease as when I listen to “Lilac wine”. That is a good grade. The album Sacred Ground is a joint release on Monkeytown and Ninja Tune subsidiary Counter Records and the twelve-track long run is expected on the 5th of May.

Before they took their joint name Ry and Frank together released a single in 2012 under their real names called Howling. Remixed by Âme as it where, it became a slow churning club track ála the german producer duo. Have a listen:

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