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[divider] [/divider] Can you identify the sounds? Cracking ice, dry leaves, hollow trunk. As a feature for Noisey, music branch of Vice, swedish sample wonder HNNY produced Du är en Nobody which translates You are a Nobody.
As a result of having a little too much on his plate last year he had to cancel his scheduled Australia tour. Sharing this personal message on facebook he wanted to excuse for being burned out:[divider] [/divider]

[divider] [/divider] Not letting it affect the production process he recently released Carefree EP on Catz ‘N Dogz’s label Pets Recordings. It’s a five track snow melter with not just a feelgood vibe, but feelgood names.
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[divider] [/divider] Now he also decided to become an actor in a pretty intimate musical portrait for Noisey in Swedish. Running around Stockholm with a Zoom, he sampled ice skating, mud and dry leaves. Put together it’s not so much a musical masterpiece as it is a great way of getting to know the real person behind HNNY: Johan Cederberg. For all our english speaking readers: enjoy some real scandinavian melodic sing-talking. Someone should sample it!
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