HMWL Podcast DJ Mix & Interview 115 – Superlover [Suara / Mother Recordings]


2015 has been a very successful year for Berlin based Ferri Borbas aka Superlover. By delivering two excellent releases – Love Flute / Love Machine on Mother recordings and Circus EP on Suara he catalpulted himself straight into the Beatport top 10s and major player league. We kindly asked Ferri for an HMWL exclusive mix and to tell us more about his background and share a few tips for other musicians and producers.

HMWL: Dear Ferri, Nice to have you on the show The music you produce today sounds very warm and funky, channeling the retro jaz zand funk roots into a modern sound of deep house and indie dance. Tell us more about your musical journey

Superlover: “I started Superlover in 2011 with my first release being the Romance E.P.
Jazz, Blues, Funk and Soul on the one hand and Chicago and French House at the other hand are the coordinates of the Superlover universe.”

How long back in time can we track your producer career? And how did it all start of for you? As a DJ, club promoter or music producer straight off?

“It started in the early nineties when Techno arrived in town after the fall of the Berlin wall. In the beginning I started as a music fan, buying vinyls. Later I bought my first pieces of kit for my homestudio. Meanwhile I would use my brother´s turntables and practice mixing.”

You just landed two excellent releases – Love Flute / Love Machine on Nhan Solos Mother Recordings and Circus EP on Suara. Tell us a bit more about your earlier Superlover productions, which ones are extra special for you?

“Actually I have no nostalgic feelings when I look back to the music I have done in the past. For me the track that I am working on right now is always the most special and most important one.”

What is your typical studio set-up?

“It´s physically minimal and mentally maximal: a cup of hot herbal tea, a bottle of cold Club Mate plus motivation and excitement about the tune I am about to write.”

Best tips for working with music while on the road?

“This is what I would do: bring the smallest and lightest Apple Macbook and you are good to go to do your rekordbox business and write down basic track ideas in your DAW”

Can you please share one (or two or three) production techniques or tricks that you discovered just recently that made you go “Aha! – why didn’t I found this early?!” It can be hardware, plugin or just a different approach to effects.

“Streamline your workflow and remove/ sell any gear, you don´t actually need. Erase all plugins that you didn´t touch for the last two weeks. Erase your track if you are not 100 percent convinced about it and start a new one instead. Stop doing remixes and focus on creating original stuff. Stop wasting time. Be honest – at least to yourself.”


01 – Jay C – “Fab Freddy Said” (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
02 – Dayne S – “My Soul”
03 – Doorly – “Boogaloo”
04 – Mat.Joe – “Make a Living”
05 – Sasch BBC, Caspar – “Funk You” (David Jach Remix)
06 – Sonny Fodera, Kwame – “Roll With Me” feat. Kwame
07 – Smash TV – “World Wide What”
08 – Super Flu, Andhim – “Mr. Bass”
09 – Superlover – “Love Machine”
10 – Juliet Sikora – “Larry´s Garage”
11 – Click Click – “The Muzic Box”
12 – The Mekanism – “Acid Love”
13 – David Jach, Beatamines – “Swaggin”
14 – Superlover – “Circus”

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