Stockholm based Nikki Pryke took her time to transit from pure DJ to a DJ & Producer combination. After a long wait The Doors Are Closing EP on Chicago based Smooth Agent Records is finally here. The Doors Are Closing  is out on digital stores and you can hear the title track on HMWL Podcast 106 – it’s a one hour mixtape by Nikke. Also check the full interview below.

HMWL:  You have been DJing in the Stockholm scene for quite many years. A DJ lifestyle sometimes ironically discourages you to produce music as most of your time goes to browsing and buying the right tracks, hyping up parties, recording mixsets and sleeping long mornings. It’s hard to find those moments to sit down in the studio for some hours in a row. How did you manage to transit into production?
Nikki Pryke: Interesting question. Well, I would be lying if I said that the time I dedicated to become a producer hasn’t stolen time from cratedigging. Then again, with time you develop a kind of security in your selections as a DJ that makes music digging faster. I think in general you will have to find some way to use your time more effectively if you want to keep up to date as both a DJ and producer.
Smooth Agent Records and Chicago is quite far away, at least geographically speaking from the Stockholm nightlife. How did this happe – you releasing two tracks on a Chicago based label?

I’ve been thinking about this one more lately. I guess it would seem more logical to try to get signed on a Swedish or at least European label, right? When I got signed I was chuffed it was a Chicago label as my roots in house are very much on the other side of the pond. It’s possible of course that these influences show in my music and made it possible for me to release on an American label.

Tell us more about the EP, what’s the inspiration behind it?

The EP is about the different sides of a breakup, the self-searching that occurs but also the new opportunities that come up.

efore the DJ career how and when did you get exposed to electronic music in the first place?

I got exposed to electronic music at a very young age, as my older brother was blasting it and also inspired me to listen to it. I think I was the only one in my third grade to listen to Kraftwerk! When it comes to electronic dance music, it was probably sometime around age 15 when I sneaked into legendary Stockholm rave Docklands and danced all night.
What 5 tunes are currently on rotations in your DJ sets.
Midland – Bring Joy (Youandewan Warehouse Dub)
Dusky – Rise for love 
Cazuma & Andreas – Bird (Original mix) 
Jamie Trench – The whistle master
Boddika & Joy Orbison – Dun dun 
Finally if you would describe your music with just a 5 words sentence, what would it be?
Deep groovy sexy edgy house 😉

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