HMWL Podcast 105: Bambook [Jeudi, Culprit LA / Stockholm, Sweden] DJ Mix + Interview

Podcast-105-Bambook DJ Mix

The Bambook duo has been basically on fire the last 3 years, making the first major mark with the excellent Genius Child EP on Secret Life in 2013, followed up by Hearts & Roads (Culprit LA) & Give it UP (Faceless) EPs. After two successful collaborations with Cari Golden, the duo are back again with another make-a-mark EP – Tow The Line, this time on Jeudi.

We could not resist the audio-urge to kindly ask the Stockholm duo for a HMWL exclusive mix and also took the opportunity to ask them a few questions.

HMWL: Being on the borderline of a commercial and a underground sound: have you reached what you want in terms of your musical expression?
Bambook: Good question!  We like to play with fire! It’s a challenge to walk on that fine thin line and stay within what’s considered to be quality, underground and somehow has that crossovery feeling to it.  We try to express as much as possible via our music our backgrounds and musical tastes, but most importantly is to make sure the listeners understand the concept behind each individual project and feel the energy and effort put in behind each release.
 Your sound is living and fresh, in an era of musical conformity. What role do you play in the future scene of electronic dance music?
We don’t approach electronic music in its comfort zone or common method. We try hard to make it sound as less hi tech as possible by using analogue instruments and manipulate / tweak the sound that comes out towards what could this instrument sound like nowadays! Needs lots of imagination and fantasy but hey at least we are trying 🙂
Working as a duo: is it a lot of compromise and complementation? It doesn´t have to be a contradiction.
Working as a duo certainly has lots of compromise and complementation, but in its right positive forms.  Its two minds at work not one and that is a plus!
If one of us gets stuck in the creative process we make sure that other one is there to lead the way.  We try to divide the work; for example one of us works on finding an idea for a track and work on puzzling everything around to create solid creative process. Once this is achieved the other half is ready to give the idea sound and find the best technical way to nail it.  After that we both hit the studio and finalize the project!
If we both believe in the idea (fire starter) then there is no place for contradiction.
Tow the Line is great and has been very well received. What is up next?
Yes we are in love with Tow The line and specially those hunting vocals’ by our good friend Name One who we enjoyed a lot working with and  having more in store together for you soon!
We are coming back to Culprit LA with a 3 tracks EP this summer along side a remix from The Drifter, which we are very excited about! Having a follow up for our ‘Slip Away’ with Cari Golden and Mennie or Noir Music that will be out June/July along side remix from our good friend Rodriguez Jr. Other than that we can’t say more, as we will ruin the surprise : )


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