HMWL Album Premiere: Sebastian Gudding – Festkommitén [Eat My House]


Sebastian Gudding was raised on jazz and crisp rolls in the Stockholm archipelago. With his old man being a dedicated jazz musician Sebastian ended up playing both guitar and piano. Heavily influenced by the 90’s sound of fellow swedes Antiloop, Sebastian quickly move on into the electronic scene and found himself spending long nights in the studio creating those loops and bits.

By 2012 Sebastian was releasing good tech-house EPs by the dozen on labels like BluFin, Natura Viva, Wicked Recordings, Save Me, My Disco Preset and Discoteca Music. After a few years of silence Sebastian is about to deliver a very nice surprise – a full studio album called Festkommitén (The Party Committee). Out tomorrow April 17th, on Eat My House records.

Unlike many other full albums made by electronic producers and DJs this is not a concept piece. Actually I would dare say that this is a pure hit album, where at least 50% of the tracks would stand their firm ground as independent singles. From the tropical vocal Sibou that would work at any festival both commercial or underground one. To the deep almost trancy Zinken that would suite as a perfect warm up track for any club. The story goes on for another 11 track each making us go “wow, this is pure quality”. There is not a single half-measure track on Sebastian Gudding‘s Festkommitén. 

We got In Motion Feat. Matin Alaverdi – a proper EDM-pop song that would work just fine at Summer Burst or on NRJ airplay. Chicago grooves like Bandhagens Blend. Techy, deep UK-influenced Far Away. The Tool where Özgür Can makes a very clear footprint on the collaboration track with his typical sound. And finally superchilled dreamy tracks like 226.

All in all Sebastian Gudding demonstrates his superior producer skills on this album. It’s a potpouri of all the different styles including Indiepop, tech, EDM, Deep house, house, chill,  all prepared by a very demanding chef who has been spending hours and hours on perfecting every detail before blending it all together into Festkommiten. Well, maybe except Villes Theme – a purely experimental 8bit computer game soundtrack.

Artist: Sebastian Gudding
Title: Festkommiten
Label: Eat My House
Release Date: 17th April
01) 222
02) Sibou
03) Zinken
04) Far Away
05) In Motion Feat. Matin Alaverdi
06) 226
07) The Tool feat. Özgür Can
08) Villes Theme
09) Bandhagens Blend
10) I’m find feat Henry Rodrick
11) Exit

Verdict: 9/10

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