Ghostlike – Cold Valley EP [Subjekt April 13]

Ghostlike Feat. Aki Redbird - Cold Valley
Emerging young producer Ghostlike perks up here on the always on-point Subjekt label with an EP that’s notable for the sheer level of brilliance that abounds throughout. While not much is known about the producer to date, it’s perhaps safe to assume that he’s a man who lets his music do the talking. How apt then, that he rocks up here on a label that’s sure to allow him to do exactly that – and an imprint that’s already fostered sounds from a whole heap of auspicious and fledgling newcomers.

Even so, Ghostlike must surely be one of the best, especially if this EP is a fair indicator. The title track, Cold Valley is a case in point. Filled with just enough vocals, the violins are emotive and draped in colour, meaning they tug at the heartstrings like all the best electronica tends to do. Celestial in parts but driving in others, it’s arguably one of Subjekt’s finest such moments to date. Elsewhere, we have the sounds of ‘Space Between Us’, a zippy and harmonious record where the synths play the most pertinent of roles. Again, it’s a melancholic number and this one’s another delight. The cherry on top of the whole package is ‘Freefall’. Coated in zippy textures and a baseline that’ll sound most adept on a large soundsystem, it marks the culmination of a release that’s stunning for its many classy vibes. Thoroughbred house from the get-go, we’re simply in love with this one.

Artist: Ghostlike
Title: Cold Valley
Label: Subjekt
Release Date: 13/4
Catalogue Number: SBJKT007
Verdict: 8/10

1) Ghostlike Feat. Aki Redbird – Cold Valley (Original Mix)
2) Ghostlike – Space Between Us (Original Mix)
3) Ghostlike – Freefall (Original Mix)

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