Free Download: Nostromo – Microwave Cooking For One [HMWL Free 004]

Free Download Nostromo HMWL_free_004

Alien-inspired Emoji-techno from Sweden, crafted from the digital tears of sad tumblr girls lost in cyber space.
After burying several monikers, in dusty soundcloud feeds and dead computers, the secretive electronica producer from the Swedish west coast found his voice in a space ship stranded on a far off galaxy. The dead silence of space, the isolation of the deserted traveller and the disfunctional technology of a rescure, inspired a lonely siren song of computergenerized bleeps and digital outcries. Existential techno? The germans are masters of it, and so, it seems is Nostromo.

The name, as you can guess, is inspired by the space ship from the Alien-movies. His debut single is called “Microwave Cooking For One“. Nostromo saw the title for the first time on the cover of a book that is basicly an 80s cookbook for the heartbroken. In search for words fitting a track full of sadness, came to think of the phrases that stuck in his mind for so long. And yes, the track is brutally emotional.

It’s a powerful club track that would work just as well in a wave-your-arms-in-the-air trance party on Ibiza, as on a damp dance floor in the basement of a techno guru in Köln. It speaks to both reclusive listeners that long for tears and to DJs looking for sudden dance floor euphoria. If Ridley Scott were to remake the Alien movies for the 00’s, I think that this would be a perfect inclusion for the soundtrack. Mattias El Mansouri is an 18 year old producer. His first release follows a line of trance music enthusiasts from Sweden, including Boeoes Kaelstigen and Lone Soda. He is too shy about his earlier work, but with considerate persuasion he might share some of it. Before his techno productions he used experiment with noise, ambient and synth avante garde. His heroes cover a wild variety of styles but are alike in obsession, artists with a passion for the future: William Basinski, Oni Ayhun, Kassem Mosse, Liminals, and The Field, to name a few, have been a huge part in deciding upon musical palette for his own work.

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