Free Download: Belu – How it is EP


Sydney based producer Belu just made all chill-electronica DJs around the world three times happier. His debut EP How it Is featuring three fantastic sunday tracks In All This, How it is Twenty Something, all available as free full wav downloads.

Beau Cummins  has been playing in number of bands for years and Belu is his first solo project.

– “​On the EP I play percussion, guitar and synths. Some of the sampling you hear throughout the EP was taken from some field recordings I took on a recent trip I made around Europe, adding these textures to the mix really adds another dimension to the tracks and being instrumental music, there is a lot of room to experiment with those types of ideas​” – Belu

Beau’s main music influences are Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Radiohead, Shigeto, Mount Kimbi​e, Seekae and Nosaj Thing.

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