Deep House Premiere: D.S.E.M. – Heat Dancer [Rec Division Nov 2nd]

DSEM Heat Dancer

Plain record labels are becoming less and less common these days. A modern record label in 2015 is usually a combination of following ingredients – a record label, a booking agency, a PR bureau, a playlist engine and / or music blog. Madrid based Rec Division took a slightly more unusual path by expanding their successful production studios complex into a full blown redord label. After all the A&R part becomes much easier if you have a bunch of talented producers renting your recording studios and the mastering and mixing are literally available “in house”.

For the very first release Rec Division is firing of a 4 track EP by Madrid based duo D.S.E.M aka Jordi “Claver” Suils and Aquiles Gtta. It’s a four track odyssey in a deep house spaceships heading straight for the dancefloors. No warm-up, let’s get straight to the chase – that’s what I love about spanish produced house music. First out is a smooth piece Dance With Me that combines robotic voices over deep bass and a mystic, yet soulful, almost Balearic sounding guitar. Second track, Heat Dancer is the master piece on the album, an instrumental, rhythmic straight to the dancefloor mover for early mornings. Up next is Night Shift a progressive deep tune with emotional, somewhat trancy synths that bring memories to the old-school Ibiza trance. It’s all wrapped up with a remix by Basque country based EKAI giving the title track a bit of the old-school house treatment with a Chicago sounding pianio, without loosing the original deepness.

Artist: D.S.E.M.
Title: Dance With Me
Record Label: Rec Division
Catalogue Number: RD101
Verdict: 8/10

1) D.S.E.M. – Dance With Me
2) D.S.E.M. – Heat Dancer
3) D.S.E.M. – Night Shift
4) D.S.E.M. – Dance With Me (Ekai Remix)

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