Best New Track: Härdstedt – “Baklänges på VHS”


Härdstedt is the moniker of the Swedish Örebro-based techno producer Pelle Härdstedt. He keeps his music away from the light, not letting it collide with unnecessary sunbeams or daylight. At least that’s what I think he does since Baklänges På VHS (Reverse on VHS) is a vicious little piece of techno emerging straight from the abyss. Brought to you from the bottom of a black lake, Baklänges På VHS is an extremely hypnotic and acidic piece of techno. With turbid aquatic soundscapes, skull piercing kick drums and distorted percussion embraced by an endless amount of reverb, this track is like made for one to loose oneself  in.

And oh: Don’t forget to check out the EP UM004 that he released a month ago on the Swedish cassette label Under Molnet.

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