Ben Sims [Culture Box, Copenhagen, March 20th]

Ben Sims

For those in the Techno business Ben Sims needs no presentation. UK resident Ben has been one of the leading Techno DJ and producers for more than 20 years. As many other of the greatest Techno DJs of our time Ben started as a Hip Hop DJ to thereafter moving over to House in the Acid House era and finally ending up in the Techno genre.

Bens first release was ‘Retrovert’ in 1997 on his own label Theory. Since then he has released an impressive amount of tracks and remixes during the years. On Drumcode Ben has released for example ‘Hypnosis’ in 2010, ‘I wanna go back’ in 2011, ‘The afterparty’ also in 2011 and ‘Air rage’ in 2012. ‘Straight from Bolivia’ and ‘Slow motion’ both released in 2012 on Theory are other examples of masterpieces created by Ben.

Ben has already managed to release tracks this year, for example ‘Peace of mind’. It’s a mystery how Ben finds time to produce music when he constant travels all over the world playing at clubs and festival. If that wasn’t enough Ben operates several labels such as Hardgroove, Ingoma, Theory and Symbolism. Apparently Ben are one of those who needs no sleep.

The music Ben plays are groovy, funky and hard at the same time with a sense of constant movement. Ben Sims at Culture Box will surely be nothing but a huge success!

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