Bambook – Tow The Line EP [Jeudi Records 20th april]

Bambook - Tow the line

The Jeudi label has long been a clued-in source for sounds of a cheeky house persuasion. An uncompromising label of some distinction, the label brands itself as one where anything goes – so long as it’s good. On their latest, they draft in a duo who are certainly adept at crafting innovative sounds, Swedish boys Bambook. The pairing has been keeping busy on the production front of late, but the wonderful Tow the Line EP is arguably indicative of some of their best work to date.

On the original, we’re greeted by an uncompromising swell of white noise, before an engulfing vocal gradually brings the intensity up a notch. The vocals add a sense of unease into the equation, and by the time the haunting bassline rears its head, we’re truly captivated. On ‘Traume’ (ft. No Name), an extra layer of percussive wares enter the fray. While not quite as spellbinding as the original, it’s nonetheless a highlight in its own regard. Even more ominous and sinister sounding than what’s arrived before, the vocals are tripped out but blissful at the same time. A really spirited EP, this one is sure to raise a few eyebrows on the dancefloor this summer time.

Artist: Bambook
Title: Tow The Line EP
Label: Jeudi Records
Release Date: 20.04.2015
Catalogue: JEU017
A1 Tow the Line ft. Name One (Original Mix)
B1 Träume ft. Name One (Original Mix)
Verdict: 8/10

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