Alex Esser – Lovetape #1 October 2015

Alex Esser Lovetape 1

There’ve been so many ABSOLUTELY AMAZING new tracks released in september that it would be a cardinal sin not to make a mixtape of my personal top charts of the month. So here is the first volume of Lovetape series, a monthly mix with the tracks I love the most at the moment.

The best album released last month is with no doubt Nico Stojan‘s debut Twisted Manners. Being a fusion on many musical influences it goes from deep, to jazzy to funky to ambient. My four favorite tracks on the record are Maori Girl, Blue Hour, Matinee and What you know. 

Another label that has anted up it’s game lately is NIBC‘s Göteborg / Berlin based Trunkfunk, currently celebrating their 33rd release. TF031 and TF032 are both here in the mix. Sleepless in Zimbabwe (Casino Times remix) is just perfect to start of a set with. Gryning by Ishivu is just as perfect for moving the tempo up to the next level.

Reshape is an Italian label that just poped up out of nowhere. Label boss Rocco Furiati opens up the catalogue with his very own I Feel Love. Probably, very probably the best track of the month.

Last but definitely not least, the mix holds two upcoming HMWL tracks both released on From Malmo With Love Sampler on November 2nd. Water Cave is a deep melodic techno production by Josefine Hellström Hansson. She is currently blowing it up as one of the most talented DJs in our part of Sweden and we are very happy to have her onboard. A Place Called Myanmar is delivered by Malmö based Aleksandar Zekovski aka Alex Moda, who is also …… production spree, spitting out amazing new demos on weekly basis.

1. Saag vs Nibc – Sleepless in Zimbabwe (Casino Times remix) [Trunkfunk] 2. Nico Stojan – What you know [URSL] 3. Nico Sotjan – Matinee [URSL] 4. Solimano – Calling Again ft. Sophie Taylor [Unlock] 5. Ishivu – Gryning (Matt Karmil Remix)[Trunkfunk] 6. Alex Moda – A Place Called Myanmar [out on HMWL Nov 2015] 7. Chus & Ceballos – ALMA [Stereo Productions] 8. Rocco Furiati – I Feel Love [Reshape] 9. Booka Shade pres. Yaruba – Black Cow
10. Josefine Hellström Hansson – Water Cave [out on HMWL Nov 2015] 11. Fluida – Technicolour [Southern Fried Records] 12. Nico Sotjan – Maori Girl[URSL]

About Alex Esser:

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