Album Review: Chus & Ceballos – Nomadas

Since my very early DJ days Chus & Ceballos have constantly been present in my DJ sets and as an important ingredient in my musical inspiration pool. The spaniards Jesús Lopez Esteban & J. Pablo Ceballos are responsible for inventing the classic Iberican Sound in the early 2000s, moving the tribal house up from the underground venues straight into the Ibiza’s top clubs with signature tracks like Afrika, Buenos MomentosIberican SoundBaila and many other club hits of that time.

Chus & Ceballos managed to get something very right, right there already in the early days. A gentle balance on the edge between the underground sound and the commercial side of the house music. You can hear this especially well if you take a listen to their remixes for Three Drives – Greece 2000 (2004), Madonnas Hung Up (2005) & Antoine Clamaran – Release Yourself (2003). For me Chus & Ceballos will always be the connectors, the bridge builders, gently linking the the underground and commercial sides of house movement together.  Back in 2002-2004 Chus & Ceballos managed to score releases and remixes on many different type labels. From Moody Recordings, Defected to Warner Music but never ever compromising their sound. Playing both underground warehouses of Madrid without getting too tech and Ibiza’s most exclusive clubs without ever getting too cheezy.

It’s a great pleasure to see the duo return in with a full studio album Nomadas. According to Chus & Ceballos, Nomadas is inspired by years of non-stop traveling, calling the world there home. Black Rock City is dedicated to Burning Man experience. The mesmerizing Absinia recorded with Leonardo Gonelli feat GiGi was released as a first album single earlier this summer and is definetely the DEEP HOUSE hit of this album. There is somewhat more experimental, ambient All I Want featuring the amazing vocalist Astrid Suryanto. Nomadas is an epic trip bringing back the nostalgic sound of early 2000s for the 30+ ravers like myself, but wrapping it all up in a modern 2015 way. It’s great to hear Jesús & J. Pablo being back in action and immediately riding high like they never were gone.

Artist: Chus & Ceballos
Title: Nomadas
Record Label: Stereo Productions
Catalogue Number: SP150
Verdict: 9/10


01) Abisinia feat. Gigi
02) All I Want feat. Astrid Suryanto
03) The Calling (Transition-Tool-01)
04) Keep It Dancin’ feat. El Chino
05) Drums Give Us Strength
06) Been A Long Time feat. The Fog
07) Esvedra
08) Soledad
09) Alma
10) Lost In Music feat. Cevin Fisher
11) The Rhythm (Transition-Tool 02)
12) Back To Basico
13) Black Rock City
14) Heaven
15) Obsession feat. Quilla

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