Triumph – Wall Of Hope [Espai Music]


If you like house music that is designed for the peak of the night, in the main room, when the lasers are spanning the dance floor and the strobes are flashing on and off frantically, then this EP is for you. It comes from Spanish DJ/producer, Triumph, a man who runs the Espai Music label (where this EP features) and someone who has also found time to release on much respected contemporary labels a la Bedrock, Noir, and Stil Vor Talent over the last few years. The original is excellent – while the remixes from Click and 6tma Sacred Family seal the deal.

Up first, is the aforementioned original, which, as it happens, is by some distance the most subdued track of the lot here. A nicely spine tingling house affair with neon chords, underlapping beats and an inviting sense of groove that perfectly build the moods, it wonderfully sets the tone for what’s ahead, and remins us that Triumph is a something of an unheralded master within the prog sphere in particular.

6tma’s frazzled, nerve jailing, coked up monster of a remix then makes the room proverbially shake thanks to its razored synths, big hard drums and celestial melodies with a space age feel. One for when everyone is sweating the most, it’s a real headline grabber. Elsewhere, the Clip! remix is a more bass driven thing with swirling atmospheres, metallic textures and wood block hits driving everything along, and with three very different tracks on offer here, chances are you’ll find something you’re digging in this one.
Artist: Triumph

Title: Wall Of Hope
Label: Espai Music
1) Triumph – Wall Of Hope (Original Mix)
2) Triumph – Wall Of Hope (Clip! Remix)
3) Triumph – Wall Of Hope (6tma Sacred Family Remix)

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