Tiger Stripes – Sisters [Desolat]



Tiger Stripes – Sisters EP (Desolat 036 – January 2014)
Review by Niclas P. Andersson

Artist: Tiger Stripes
Title: Sisters EP
Label: Desolat
Catalogue No: Desolat 036

Track list:

1. Sisters
2. Keep A Movin
3. Sisters (tINI remix)
4. Sisters (Dub)
Release dates: 12” on the 13th of January 2014 (includes digital download code) and as digital on the 20th of January 2014.

So, Tiger Stripes and Desolat, just could not get that into my head. Being a fan of Desolat and not so much of Tiger Stripes it all seemed like a shirt that fits really badly on a great body. But let me tell you at once, this shirt fits just great and my previous thoughts about Tiger Stripes releases, are now put in the bin, because this EP rocks.

The title track – Sisters – starts of in a dark, minimal and rhythmic space. Hypnotic percussions drive us towards the unknown, fuelled by a heavy, bumping bass line. Even if you never tried surfing, you can probably imagine the feeling of suddenly being swept down by a giant wave. You twist, spin and roll out of control beneath the surface. As everything stops and you realise what has happened, the horror sets in. Adrenaline pumping, your mind is set on survival mood and you are scared like hell. As you break the surface and finally get some of that fresh air into your lunges as you cough the salty water out, you will feel more alive then ever before. This is what the track ”Sisters” does. It starts of in one direction and ends in another. Going from this, almost, scary and minimal techno sound and then slowly make a progression to some kind of a “deepish” house tune with a male vocal that will stick forever.

”Keep A Movin” provides a sweeping underground force of sounds. This piece of techno machinery has a pushing groove that starts but never really finishes. I’m standing in my room and feel the urge to get some more of this fix. It’s a late night dance floor goody bag filled with small, yet perfect gifts.

The tINI remix of ”Sisters” has an element of weirdness to it. And being weird in the eyes of a narrow-minded ”average Joe” means that your simply creative in the eyes of all the rest that keeps music and art being the free spirit it often is. Do you know the group Primus? If not, go check them up at once. Because the tINI remix contains a wobbling and unpredictable bass hitting the track every now and then that reminds me of something that Primus could have done – great stuff! A deep story that is banned when ever ”average Joe” appears, but will surely bring tears to the eyes of the educated house and techno drones.

Tiger Stripes own dub version of ”Sisters” is last on the track list, but hits first place among the tracks on this EP. A beautiful and well-produced track that brings house towards techno and techno towards house. This is the meeting point. Just like the original version, the dub has this hypnotic, groovy element with a great male vocal. Important to know is that the dub will be an exclusive digital release, so you will not find it on the 12”. And that is a true shame.

A great EP that will be listed as top ten by many DJ:s at the end of 2014 and just like it did to me, many out there that did not like Tiger Stripes before, will have to re-think that decision. And hey, if you would like to call all these tracks “house”, go ahead, but in my ears the elements of “techno” is far stronger then those from the music genre once known as “house”.
Verdict: 9/10

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