The Checkup – The Factor [Electronical Reeds – December 19th]

The Checkup - The Factor

The latest in a fine string of releases from Belgian label Electronical Reeds comes from a young Belgian duo, The Checkup. As of now, the boys have released but a handful of releases, although in that time they’ve also featured on classic NYC label King Street Sounds, which perhaps gives you an indication of what lies ahead over the course of their latest, the bumperpacked house-inclined offering that is ‘The Factor’. Featuring an original from the lads as well as 3 stunning remixes, it’s a package that won’t leave you shortchanged, that’s for sure.

Opening us proceedings is the aforementioned original, and it’s arguably the finest such moment on the release too. Full of vigour and brilliantly poised, it starts off with a fierce level of swirling drums that become more pronounced as the track builds and builds. By the time the enveloping synths rear their head, we’re left with a bassline-led monster that’s suitably offset by a host of quirky vocals. Divine tech-house for the masses, it’s sure to prompt many a hand in the air moment, that’s for sure.

The first of the remixes (which, incidentally, feature some renowned guests), comes from the Smash TV boys, who themselves have really been on fire of late. They give the track a gentle and subtle re-rub, using but the original’s best parts as the core of their release. More subdued than their typical releases, it’s nonetheless a remix where the level of mystique plays a pertinent role. Shades of Gray’s remix is another beast, although this one moves through the motions with a deep house vibe that sets it out from its peers. Deep but wonderful, it metaphorically transports the listener to a warm and hazy place – no bad thing at this time of year. Last up is DJ Schwa’s remix. The friend of the label bolsters the original with a series of handclaps and spliced vocals, all of which prove positive on the ear. Another real winner from a label that continues to impress with every passing release.

Artist: The Checkup
Title: The Factor
Label: Electronical Reeds
Catalogue Number: ER034
Remixers: Smash TV, Shades of Gray, DJ Schwa
Release Date: 19/12

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