Talaboman – Sideral [Studio Barnhus / Hivern Discs]

talaboman_s-610x316John Talabot & Axel Boman collaborates as Talaboman and just released debut 12″ Sideral

They say all good things come in three, but Axel Boman and John Talabot manage just fine. As Talaboman they are not only collaborating as producers, but their own labels also join forces to release their debut 12″: Sideral.

Have you tried vanilla ice cream with salt and olive oil? If not, do so. Musically maybe Axel and John is not such an odd couple, but as people I would say John is salt and Axel is the olive oil. Last time I met John he just told me “I hate being on film” while the camera was being set up for our interview, with a salty attitude. Last time I met Axel he was drinking Captain Morgan from the bottle just below his turntables while playing in Malmö, acting really smooth. Backed up by their own labels, stockholmian Studio Barnhus and barcelonian Hivern Discs, in this review described as a bowl of vanilla ice cream, they are a phenomenon.

Sideral is a multi-facetted and complex production, in which elements from both producers are melted down into a bubbling cauldron of organic and metallic sounds, burning beats and melodic bells. The remix by Köln-based Matt Karmill puts an edge and dub feel to it whilst not taking it that far from the original thought.

They dedicate this record to dj Aleix “Sideral” Vergés, who ruled over Barcelona’s underground discotecas during the turn of the millennium and sadly passed away in 2006. At a time when few djs dared cross musical borders, he was a real inspiration for both the Barcelona native Talabot and the young Swede Boman, who lived in the city during the peak of Sideral’s reign.

So press play and feast on this bowl of odd combos.


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