Solaire – Autoritratto EP [Cohesive December 1st]

Solaire Autoritratto

For the latest outing in the Cohesive story, label boss Alex Rubio nabs an Italian trio to take the reigns. Whereas the previous label installment arrived from the always on-point Rafael Cerato, the latest individuals to leave their mark on the burgeoning label is Solaire, for whom the unusually named Autoritratto EP marks an accomplished sounding debut for the label. Stuffed to the brim with 3 polished originals, it’s also one that sticks out from the crowd thanks to its tendencies for unusual but captivating ways of working.

Kicking off the EP is the sounds of the original. Right from the off, it sets off on a hypnotic vibe, entrancing the listener with its many meandering and celestial vibes. On that note, it’s almost progressive in sound, but gradually the intensity builds and builds before it explodes into an altogether different beast. Layers of white noise and clever bells work themselves in and out of the track, injecting it with an added dose of energy in the process. If you’re looking to leave your audience truly transfixed, this is the one for you – while its parallels with the works of Deetron et al are almost palpable. A contemporary Balearic-styled wonder that’s sure to go down a treat with DJs of many contrasting persuasions.

Middle effort ‘Technica’ is another charmer, this time due mostly to its pummelling beats and a horn-sound that adds an extra layer of gumption to the fray. Another catchy track, this one is cut from a similar cloth to say, vintage Cobblestone Jazz records. Again, it maintains a melodic and melancholic sheen, but the overall vibe here is of a producer, Solaire, who’s quite clearly very comfortable at expressing himself in the studio. Last but not least is ‘Waterworld’, which, thankfully, is nothing like the sort of flop as its namesake featuring Kevin Costner. On this track, Solaire up the ante with some force, relying on a bevvy of claps and frantic strings to force an impression. Big room sounds soon abide, in the process marking this EP out as one of distinction. Top draw stuff from A&R man Rubio – who seems to have unearthed a veritable gem in the upcoming Italian production force.


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