Premiere: Jesper Ryom – Aviator EP [Power Plant 005 – October 13th]


Running a quality house label is not necessary equal with putting out as many records as possible over time. This is particularly true for Sanna DJ La Fleur‘s very own Power Plant Records. Since the debut Flowerhead release in May 2010 the Berlin/Stockholm-based label has only put out four records so far focusing rather on the details and taking things slowly to insure quality tracks rather on rushing out new productions, EPs and samplers.

So it’s very nice to hear that the label’s fifth release is just around the corner as the original danish Nature boy Jesper Ryom will be returning to the label with his new Aviator EP. Four tracks elegantly packaged on a vinyl with fantastic cover art. Rule rather than expectation when it comes to Powerplant. Jesper’s heavenly atmospheric title track Aviator with summer-warm guitar licks will send you soaring into the tropical sky. Second track – Apolune might sound like trying to work with too many elements at the same time with the sax, guitar and chords layered on top of each other, but the vocal murmurs introduced after in the first break at 2:20 will definitely send you flying high again, it all comes together in harmony here.

The flipside brings two remixes to the table. One by the label boss herself a bit darker, striped-down version of the original Aviator. And the low-fi smooth remix of Apolune by Taron-Trekka, Daniel Müller-Sachs and Andreas Kriester from the original Kollektiv “1e auditeur” fame.

Artist: Jesper Ryom
EP: Aviator EP
Label: Powerplant Records
Date: October 13th 2014

Verdict: 8/10

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