Per Hammar – Dirty Hands [DH001 September 2014]

Per Hammar - Dirty Hands frontLabel: Dirty Hands
Artist: Per Hammar

Title: Dirty Hands EP (DH001)
Release Date: 9th of September 2014
Format: 12” vinyl and digital

The Swedish producer and DJ Per Hammar has taken a step forward and started a new record label – Dirty Hands. The first EP that will be released as a 12” and digital on the 9th of September this year, has gotten the creative name ”Dirty Hands EP”. Sarcasm and club music works like gin and tonic with out any tonic, a perfect blend.

Per Hammar is obviously taking a step away from his earlier tech house releases and fallen for the hypnotic sounds of dub techno and dub house. Being someone how have played these genres for over a decade, I truly love that the younger generation has woken up and started to embrace the dubby sounds. With his new sound, Per has truly matured within his music and provided a great first release on his new label.

Dirty Hands

A repeatative track full of energy that bends across the border of tech house and techno. A rich floor banger with plenty of sounds to make it almost feel like you are standing in the middle of a busy highway during a thunder storm. It is a good track and it will turn up the heat on dance floors when ever suitable. Is it a great track? Nope, sorry Per Hammar, but with out the funk, the groove, this track feels static and cold.

Scavanger Hunt

As a huge contrast from the title track, this is a really good track. Full of classical dub house and dub techno elements, it also layers a strange landscape of hypnotising vibrations and a garden of groovy house in the distance. Clean and funky. This will be on heavy rotation during my gigs this autumn.

Tanja’s Dubb

From the noise on the A-side, down to Scavanger Hunt on the B-side and onto the last track – Tanja’s Dubb. A journey in itself. From to much noise, to great sounds. B2 is warm and deep with a rhythmic dub sound that makes you go chest pumping. Combined with a catchy hi-hat and some nice house elements, this is a true love story for anyone into deep house and/or dub house. Sweet lord, I’m bouncing at my desk!

All in all this EP is really good. If the the title track ”Dirty Hands” would have been washed withs soap a few times to get cleaner, I would have given it nine points out of ten. But, from my point of view, the A-side actually pulls the whole release in the wrong way. Stick to the B-side, and you will have two great tracks.

Verdict: 8/10

Presale on Decks here.

Dirty Hands Back 001

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