Mix Of The Day: Wreal – “HTHPDCST #001”

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There’s just something lovely about an inaugural podcast. So much hope and excitement for a future string of quality mixes. Granted, this actually happening is rare, but one can dream. They can’t all be FACT or Resident Advisor, right?

That being said, here is the very first Hoover The House Records podcast. NYC duo Wreal take the “decks” and pumps out a thumping, truly raw house driven mix that shakes the floor and kicks hard. Comprised of Brian Morse & Jon Billick (a dude that I’ve been following for a while, and have only been impressed with), Wreal cuts through the bullshit of trendy deep house antics and keeps that raw New York house sound thriving in this mix. If this mix were a pair of shoes, it’d no doubt be your faded out, tore up, slightly musky pair of tried and true Chuck Taylor’s.

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