Mix Of The Day: Kenny Keys – “Kompass Podcast #01”

1384272_1402594373306700_35354657_nTodays mix comes from Kenny Keys for the inaugural episode of the Kompass Podcast series. While I would definitely recommend bumping this on a Friday afternoon to prep you for some late night misadventures, there’s no reason why you can’t throw on your headphones and enjoy some thick house tunes on a Tuesday morning. The pace is quick and the mixing is smoothly handled. It’s a little more high energy than what I would usually recommend, but in this case I couldn’t resist as this mix just makes you feel good. Not every mix needs to bridge gaps and experiment into new sub-genres. Sometimes you just need some heavy, fast paced, house music. And that is what you get here.

[soundcloud soundcloudurl=”https://soundcloud.com/kompass-recordings/kompass-podcast-01″ ][/soundcloud]
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