Mix Of The Day: Jason Kendig – “12 Stepp Music Podcast 014”


A man of musical prowess and impressive beard ownership, Jason Kendig, provides the audio for today’s MOTD. Be forewarned; this mix jumps from house to techno pretty frequently, with bits of french vocal bits overlain throughout. It won’t take long for you to realize Kendig hails from mighty Detroit. The roots of classic techno are there. As are the sounds of the modern San Francisco underground sound (where he currently resides). In case you didn’t know, Kendig is part of Honey Soundsystem which consistently puts on some of the best house/techno gigs in the Bay Area. Hence his impeccable taste and selection. If the music doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you can at least revel in the man’s illustrious beard, which we can all admit is on point.

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