Mix Of The Day: Ian Pooley – “CBL Sessions #239”

Today’s mix comes from one of the most consistent underground DJ’s and producer’s of the last decade. German born Ian Pooley, is well known as a purveyor of fine house and techno beats. His club appearances are solid, but it’s his underground and after-hours sets that give you an idea of the man behind the decks. Most electronic musicians either DJ and struggle to produce, or produce and struggle to DJ. Pooley does both like a seasoned veteran (which he is). This mix for the Compost Black Label Sessions is a recording from a gig at the respected Watergate / Berlin. It hits all the necessary chords: groovy deep house, minimal tech, booty-shaking house, and some classic house thrown in for good measure. This is a pretty good representation of Pooley’s versatility as a DJ, which is vast.

[soundcloud soundcloudurl=”https://soundcloud.com/compost/cbls-239-compost-black-label” ][/soundcloud]


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