Mix Of The Day: Guy J – “March Lost In Miami Mix”

Today’s mix comes from the fresh faced Israeli, Guy J. Seeing as how soundcloud is about to be flooded with WMC promo mixes from everyone and their mother, forward thinking Guy J decided to put his out now and beat the rush. Thank goodness too, because a mix this fine would be shame to lose among the masses. Nearly a third of the mix is devoted to an light and atmospheric house wave that finally drops off to a bumping deep house gem, which grows and dives deep into the underground sound until the end. Guy J leaves you wanting more, which is always appreciated.


Honorable Mentions:

Lisa Rose, a well known personality in the San Francisco underground scene, manages to deliver on mp3 what most people would only hear in a basement or loft of an invite-only SF after hours. She runs Nocturnal Code, which as you might already know, keeps the party going well into the wee-hours of Sunday morning. This mix is a taste of the techno scene you’ll find thriving in the underground of the Bay Area.

When you see the name Crosstown Rebels, you already know you’re going to hear some of the freshest deep house on the market. Hence this mixes inclusion in the honorable mention category. CR has built up a solid reputation, and Melokolektiv & Dent keep things on par. Deep, groovy, and at times melodic.

If you’re looking to dance, then here’s your mix. Funk, soul, disco, smooth house beats, it’s all here. VinylAddicted (a.k.a Akis) revives some funk & soul gems with deep house support to create a mix that’ll have you sweating through your skin-tight jeans in no time.




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