Mix Of The Day: And.Id – “Guest Mix for Biscuit Radio”


Happy Monday to all. This week we’re starting off with some pretty straight up deep house, with some techno bits thrown in for good measure. Berlin based And.Id isn’t a house hold name just yet, but that’s ok. The guy displays a taste for quality house, and more importantly, he knows how to craft a mix that feels unified. This one starts out soulful and groovy, then starts picking up and lays down some driving beats just when you’ve had enough of the sampled 90’s R&B vocals. Overall, it’s a well crafted mix that is easy to listen to and feels like it was created with some structure in mind.

[soundcloud soundcloudurl=”https://soundcloud.com/and-id/guest-dj-mix-biscuitradio” ][/soundcloud]
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