Mix Of The Day: Soul Button – “Inner Symphony #006”

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Soul Button has been at it for a few years now. He’s probably best known for his work on Steyoyoke Records which is one of the quintessential deep house resources at the moment. They do one thing and they do it well, which is respectable. There’s nothing worse than a record label trying to dip their toes into all the pools at once.

His mixes are almost always a time stamp of what deep house is hot at the moment. He’s also got a history of finding gems that hit the main floor with force shortly after. In other words, the guy is pretty immersed in the world of house music.

This mix has a surprising amount of flow to it for being a deep house heavy assortment. There are a few mainfloor movers in there, but their placed with care and don’t disrupt the momentum of the mix.


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