Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (DiscoRazor Remix)

DiscoRazor remix

I am always very skeptical whenever I come across a remix of a classic track or artist. There are countless examples of modern remixes of classic tracks that have gone incredibly wrong or are simply bad ideas to begin with(*cough* ABBA happy hardcore-remix *cough*). Luckily this remix does not fall into that category at all. To make a long story short, DiscoRazor’s remix is fantastic!

DiscoRazor offers up a strong synth-funk take of Remember The Time (I really can’t stress the “funk” part enough). What is really impressive about the remix is the fact that DiscoRazor manages to retain the original song’s feel and sound while at the same time altering the track considerably. The synths feel incredibly natural along side Michael Jackson’s vocals, it’s like Quincy Jones himself produced this remix.
Check it out!

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