L’N’F – Interview (+ Awakening EP)

Lenny Patelli & Francesco Calderisi are known in house music circles as L’N’F. A prolific production pairing, theirs is a unique talent, and one that’s seen them heavily involved in the scene since the 90s. Best known for running the famous (or should that be infamous?) Electronic Wave parties in their hometown of Lugano, they’ve called on some of house music’s most renowned names to join them over the years.

Their production back record includes seminal labels such as Catwash, but also their most recent relase Awakening EP on Leo Leal’s Unike Muzik imprint. We caught up with the production duo for a quick chat about the EP, life in Mediterranean Swiss and…

What are the best and worst things about the electronic music scene in Switzerland right now?

Unfortunately, the artists of the Mediterranean Swiss (Ticino) are mistreated by the rest of Switzerland…otherwise everything is really cool here and the scene is really healthy.

You also run the Electronic Wave parties in Lugano. What’s Lugano like for electronic music? Is it a small but close-knit scene?

Lugano is a small town with a very knowledgeable public. So from that point of view, it’s a really good place for electronic music actually.

What’s been the favourite party that you’ve thrown over the years? Have you invited the Unike guys out to Lugano yet?

Certainly in the future we will have the opportunity to organize something with the great guys of Unike Muzik. That would be pretty special.

What’s the best thing about working as a pair? Do you play out on your own too? Is it as much fun?

To have 4 ears…! Lenny and I share a very strong and special feeling about music and we’re always striving to reach the same goals. We’re constantly influenced and motivated, so it’s nice to work alongside each other in that regard.

I mentioned the Unike release. It’s obviously a really strong label. Did you meet up with those guys over the Internet or did you meet them in person? At what stage did you realize that you shared a similar creative vision?

I met Leo on the Internet. It was love at first sight!

You must be really delighted with the Hanfry Martinez and the Brandub remixes, right?

Put it this way….when we heard the remixes for the first time we were going crazy with joy…Lenny was dancing on the sofa!

Congrats on your releases  on Catwash and Unike. What inspired you both to start producing in the first place?

There were so many influences that just picking a few would be almost impossible. Mix your own music – it makes your DJ sets unique and exclusive.

Finally, tell me a secret about the other person that we probably don’t know?

Lenny speaks far too loudly – but he’d probably say the same thing about me!

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