Labels with Love #1: Solkyss

Solkyss at Gagnef festival

Solkyss is a fresh new swedish record label run by two partners in crime Tor Rossing Öberg and Nicolai Zellmani, artist name Coronal Loop. The vinyl only laves was born on a sunny summer day at one of Sweden’s coziest festivals – The Gagnef Festival 2014. Solkyss is not a conventional organization nor is it a two man show. Tor and Nicolai describe it rather as a constantly shifting collective of fantastic people working together over shorter or longer periods of time.

What type of music are you guys releasing on Solkyss?

According to Nicolai and Tor the main reason for starting the Solkyss label was the most straightforward need of having an own channel for releasing their own music and music by their close friends. The common denominator was a soundsystem, a party tent, a pair of record players and an open air. By the time the night went on into dawn under a rising swedish summer sun the label, or at least a vision, was born.

And the name?

Solkyss after all means Sun kiss in Swedish. According to the founders the sound of the label is rather characterized by a feeling than a specific genre. Imagine a melancholia mixed with total joy, a the nostalgic feel of the last summer day, the memories of your first love or of the last day on earth.

So who makes the photographies of the naked men on your vinyl covers?

All the photos are taken by Hjalmar Rechlin, a Solkyss member and a bit of our very own Master Mitagy.  All the vinyl cover photos are taken at Solkyss parties trying to represent the nature of Solkyss – freedom, equality and nakedness in front of each other.

Solkyss Volume 2 is out now: Paresse – Grand Fall EP

Solkyss artist are:

  • Coronal Loop – Tor Rossing Öberg and Nicolai Zellmani
  • Ensam – Sam Clayton
  • Paresse – Ivan Bergren


Solkyss Volume 1

Solkyss 2 Parese

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