Julian Earle – The Boy

Junior producer Julian Earle release “Boy”, a glimpse of the forthcoming debut. Artwork by Tess Dumon

In the year of 1997 Mike Tyson bit an ear off, a sheep was cloned and Julian Earle was born.

The young and mysterious producer emerged from nowhere with a track and three drawings picturing an ashamed boy and a howling wolf. The track is beautifully composed with samples of birdlike sounds slipping through the heavy layers of reverbed synths. When the metallic beats kicks in the entire thing is not stripped of life but rather the opposite. Altogether it is a breathing production, creating a sense of juvenescence that lingers. Calling it the fountain of youth is too much, but a glass of youth is not so bad either. I am looking forward to hearing more.

We don´t know yet if Julian is a boy calling “wolf”, but next time I´ll sure come running.



A wolf. Artwork by Tess Dumon


A boy. Artwork by Tess Dumon

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