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JP Chronic – Ladies GaGa!!! (Dub Instrumental Mix) [Free Download]

There are a few things that will make me instantly, and unconditionally, love a track. Here’s a self-indulgent list:

  • DRUMS! As a drummer I tend to get very nerdy and very picky when it comes to drums in tracks. There are so many things that can go wrong but when the drums are good, my god does the track get good. Or as the old saying goes “If the groove is tight and the samples are right the house will be jumping all night”.
  • Bass! As a lot of people out there I’m a sucker basslines. For me, a good bass can be anything from a one-note-per-32-bars-minimal-prog-house kind of bass to face-melting-in-your-face dirty electro basses. The thing that it has to have to have is a funky groove. Or as the old saying goes “If the bass is groovin’ your track will be anything but soothin’”.
  • Rhodes pianos! Doesn’t matter how small the Rhodes is in the mix, if it’s there I will hold a track in a much higher regard. I can’t really describe it in any other way than that there simply is no sexier sound on earth than a Rhodes pianos. Or as the old saying goes “If a track features Rhodes you’ll get listeners who explodes”.
  • A good old-fashioned metal falsetto-scream (Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast still gets me every time). Or as the old saying goes “A good ol’ scream reigns supreme”

This funky-house track definitely ticks in three out of four of the above categories (you will have to listen to the track to figure out which ones they are).

The drum-track has lots and lots of groovy congas, cowbells, shakers and wood-blocks (the funky kind, not the EDM-festival kind) all underpinned by a kick that lets you know where the party is.

The bass has the funky 16th notes syncopations in all the right places and hinges on a latin-flavor. Paired with the drums the groove is massive!

Also in the track there’s a tasteful vocal stab saying “Girls!!” in there (I assume those are the same ladies that are GaGa?).

Ok, there’s also some Rhodes…

PS: Free *.wav download, don’t miss this!

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