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Öresund based Aron Mody has been producing four by four driven electornic beats for a good while but preffered to keep most of his music private until now. The 1 hour 16 minutes debut live-set that he uploaded to Soundcloud about a week ago left us completely breathless. It’s groovy as f*ck, moving across many genres, from deep house to straight hitting techno all the way into a somewhat progressive house area. Every track in the live-set is produced by Aron himself. Listen and enjoy.

What is your musical background? Are you a newly started electronic producer or have you been playing an instrument or worked with other type of music before?

Aron Mody: Well, I basically have no theoretical schooling or background when it comes to music. However I’ve always listened to music with a passionate ear. When I was young I fell in love with 80´s 90´s hip hop and wrote a lot of lyrics but that only amounted in good times, a couple of battle raps and creative outlet, which was nice though.

My brother was a DJ and he used to always play funky tunes that inspired me a lot growing up. But ultimately I started putting together tracks about three years ago after I came back from a long travel. I’ve always regretted that I didn’t get any theoretical schooling or pick up an instrument as a kid. Nowadays I try to see the other side of the same coin and acknowledge that a different entry towards music might not only be refreshing but also liberating and beneficial for me as a creator. If you go in with a right-or-wrong mindset, I really think you’ll end up with a fart-smelling situation and unwanted muscle tensions.

However as an adult I’ve really fallen in love with the concept of noisemaking and things that create sounds. I’ve developed a real soft spot for analogue synths and samples but living on a student budget, its always going to be an effort you just have stay creative.

The mix is over 1 hour long full of interesting and groovy material. How long have you been gathering the material? Is it all produced by you from scratch?

Aron Mody:  Thanks for the groovy compliment; yes all tracks in the mix are produced by me from scratch. There are a couple of collaborations with my brother and there’s a groove I did with a dear friend on there as well. The Givetake mix consists of projects I’ve been working on for the last six months.

Liquid Box – tell us more about that alias. How do you feel about it?

Aron Mody: Haha! I’m just a dude who likes nice food, the sun and a groove. My name is Aron Mody and I’m in my first year at Lunds’ University. I live in Malmo/Copenhagen and produce deep house and techno.

Liquidbox was a happy accident, I wrote it to describe my state of mind while doing the mix, to give me an alter ego. Therefor it’s Aron Mody’s liquidbox. But I liked the concept of something as structured and squared as a box being dynamic and fluent as liquid. It might make sense, it might not. Either way me likes it.

Is there a certain pattern or concept with the mix – some particular future tracks in a specific order? Or have you been just playing around recording longer and longer sets every time?

Aron Mody:  There’s not a certain pattern in the mix that I can think of. I wanted to make the mix representative of my productions and try to make it a bit dance-friendly. So the concept goes from lighter sounds, to a bit darker and then it goes back again. It started out as just jamming with original tunes, recording and recording and for each time it became longer, and then practice is the rule.

Is there a particular part of the mix you are especially excited or wanna tell us something about? it goes all the way from pretty straightforward techno, to atmospheric house and ends up in a progressive, almost trancy soundscapes right?

Aron Mody:  Hmm… I had a lot of fun working on a track called “Equal”. I think it starts around 33 minutes into the mix. I remember that I was chopping a Kenny Larkin interview and just as the interview was about to finish, Kenny puts on a track. There’s these two classic Roland cowbell hits in it. I thought it sounded nice, so I pitched around with them and all of a sudden they were an essential part of the groove. I guess it was nice to integrate the semiotic content from the interview as well as collecting parts to a groove from the same source. The mix absolutely varies in the vibe, and like I said before I wanted it to be representative of what I do.

In a month or two I’m going to launch an alter ego together with my brother Abhi Mody under which we are going to release a bit more “darker” house/techno. I included two tunes we’ve been working on and I’m especially excited about them since it’s a family thing.

What about the future? Are there more production and colaboration projects planed this summer?

Aron Mody:  This was the first time I put out my music on the Internet. I had thought about soundcloud for a while but I just wanted to focus on the production part and definitely not the other way around. However now I have a lot of individual material that I’m planning on releasing. I’m doing a couple of tracks and remixes with Romi B from Hongkong, hopefully we’ll put out the mixtape during summer. If time and schedule allows it, I’ll have something done with this super talented young producer named Lulach Mccormack as well as Rimbaudian. I’m also working on a remix for Moose Dawa, which should be done pretty soon. Besides that me and my brother are almost finished with an EP, going a bit more techno.

So yeah, there’s a lot of music on my mind right now. Dedication and love is the plan.


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