How to make a Beatport Top 100 ” House” track in five minutes

In this very funny video, the producer U4Ea (Euphoria) explains how you can easily make a Beatport top 100 track by simply stealing a snare from a Pryda track, a kick from a Swedish house mafia track and create a catchy melody with random presets you download off Audionews. The process shown in the video may be somewhat simplified, but it is quite close to the truth – much of Beatport 100 sounds like recycling the same tracks and patterns over and over again.

Once the commercial side of the house music movement went mainstream a few years ago, the success was quickly snapped up by the major labels like Universal, Warner and Sony who went signing Avicii, SHM and lately even likes of Style of Eye and Ninetoes. Also the Beatport was acquired by SFX in early 2013, the same company that bought Tomorrowland festival, Electric Zoo and The Miami club group Opium. Without doubt Beatport Top 100 charts are now part of a multi-million euro industry.

I honestly wonder what will happen next to the commercial side of EDM? Will it continue to grow and keep generating more and more similarly sounding tracks? Or will it finally implode like the Boy Band phenomenon of the nineties? What do you think?

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