Horatio & Sebastian Eric – Alkhemia EP [Quanticman January 2015]

Horatio Alkhemia EP

Artist: Horatio & Sebastian Eric
Title: Alkhemia EP
Label: Quanticman Records
Format: Vinyl
Catalogue Number: QRV007

Alongside the much-fabled Arpiar trio, Quanticman Records boss Horatio is undoubtedly one of his country’s prime movers and shakers when it comes to producing solid, for-the-floor house and techno cuts. As if to hammer home the point, his latest is another delectable listen in that sense, as he reminds us of his talents alongside emerging producer Sebastien Eric on the quite excellent listen that is the Alkhemia EP.

‘’Alkhemia’’ itself is a woozy piece of hypnotic yet minimal tech that oozes class, and one that’ll sound most at home during the night’s weirder hours. Full of guile and filled with hidden intricacies, the beauty in this one lies in its sheer refusal to compromise and its penchant for the unlikely. If minimal is your bag, you’re sure to absolutely love this one.

Sometime Desolat man Shoxy takes an all round different approach, as he spruces up the original thanks to an intoxicating bassline that lingers just underneath. Microhouse at its best, it’s further indication of a man whose sound is definitely moving in the correct direction. The spirited sounds of ‘’Jargon’’ is my pick of the litter, however. With just enough light allowed into this one, it enthralls in a manner that is more subtle than obvious. ‘’East Frantic’’ is definitely frantic, with its rampant bass bins getting another workout from the off. An unusual yet quirky and cheeky EP that’s sure to earn repeated listens well into 2015.

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