HNNY – Yum001 [Yummy, November 17th]

HNNY YUM001Yummy label founder Sara Brolin crossing a field outside of Calais, France. Photo by Johan Cederberg

Swedish house wonder HNNY, real name Johan Cederberg, keeps bringing the world his aesthetic, emotional and conceptual music. Latest release, Yum001, is the first official release of own label Yummy and it explores the tones ranging from twilight till noon.

06.30 – I wake up. I never go up this early, but what the hell, all for the sake of music. I go for a walk. I keep in step with the slow churning, meditative beats while being followed by floating synths and bird song. The hi-hat is piercing, the bass is soothing and the sun is rising.

09.15 – I am at my kitchen table. The slow moaning from my old and tired coffee maker is accompanied by sparkling melodies and a more subtle energy than earlier this morning. The beat is fluent and I drift off. Fuck, late again.

12.00 – I at work. The beat is funky and the bass is chunky. A pliable electric guitar guides me through the last minutes before lunch. It is relaxing and easy-going with few surprises. A great anthem to a slow yet creative and productive day.

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Interview with Sara Brolin, co-founder of Yummy

”When we were teenagers Johan used to sit by my parents white grand piano and play melodies from nowhere. He could play for hours while I was lying on my back on the couch dreaming myself away. I often fell asleep and when I woke up Johan was still playing. Now it is my turn to come to Johans home and to listen to the music he has made.”Sara Brolin

Childhood friends sometimes makes the best colleagues. Sara Brolin has along Johan Cederberg and artist Rickard Eklund teamed up around Yummy. We asked her a few questions about the rising label:

Where does Yummy come from and what is it?

It all started when Johan called me one day sounding thrilled. He said he wanted to start a record label with me. I did not hesitate for a second. The concept, if there is one, is more or less that we do what we want. We do as much as we can by ourselves to keep it close to our hearts and to create something more than ”just a label”.

What is your take on starting a label with friends? Praise and blame.

Only praise! Johan is easy to work with. It is all straight shots and quick decisions. We think alike but with different input. Johan is a musician, Rickard does all the graphical work and I pretty much do whatever else there is to be done. I could go as far as calling me a fixer.

Yum001 is super conceptual. Will future releases follow any pattern?

Not really. We have generally been thinking about releasing tracks that Johan has loved for a long time and played on gigs but that have not been released yet. It is stuff that is crazily good, that we get that good feel from and is close to our hearts.

What about future releases?

In the beginning of January our next release is due with a track from Shakarchi & Stranéus, one track from David Günther and an edit by HNNY. They are just smashing! We are pretty relaxed about the future, though. We will see how it all plays out.

Which artist would you like to release?

Girls! Both Johan and I agree that we want to release more music by female artists. I also tend to be attracted to the producers that does not really get attention. I like to find the people that are really passionate, but does not really do anything about it. These people often have a good attitude towards music.

Anything else?

Yum001 is due 17th of november and we will be celebrating at Under Bron this saturday and on Boxing Day. Also keep an eye out for Lövverk. When they are done experimenting there will be some good stuff. Give them a while!

Finally: what do you think is Yummy?

Pear compott, chocolate balls while drinking Fanta, men and Cinnamon Toast.

Yummy homepage(which is great)

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