HMWL Podcast 96 – Ethyène (Soulman Music)

Ethyène is a DJ and producer from Lyon in France. At the age of 21 he’s already doing fantastically well in the studio, producing enchanting Deep House as well as Acid House and Nu-Jazz.

HMWL: Who is Ethyène and when and how did you get onto the music path and start producing?
Ethyène: I am a young producer from Lyon in France. This is when I discovered House music at the age of 15 with tracks like ‘Hear The Music’ by Paul Johnson, ‘Champagne’ by Trankilou, ‘Soul Control’ by Theo Parrish and many more that I really wanted to produce music. I never felt something stronger than while listening to House so I naturally started producing when I was 16. Afterwards I became a member of the collective Artjacking France (so was Ateph Elidja, today signed to Bromance Records) based between Lyon and Paris. Jules, my manager in the collective has always encouraged me to improve my culture; this is also thanks to Artjacking that I got into Djing because they made me play a lot in these times. Today I’m 21, I got my first LP “Quallen” released by Soulman Music on the 3rd of May 2013 and my second EP “War” released by the same label on the 29th of January 2014. I tried to bring all my influences together through these two projects.
HMWL:– What other passions except for music do you have?
Ethyène: I’m a huge fashion fan, I guess I spend as much time looking for clothes than looking for new tracks. Anyway I would love doing something in this universe in the future. I also love the United States; as a part of my family lives there, I’ve visited them many times and cities like NYC or Philadelphia inspire my in some ways.
HMWL: – What are your projects in the nearest future?
Ethyène: I’m planning to release some remixes of my last EP ‘War’ for free. I also have a track that I recorded this summer in Philadelphia with a producer named Ben Arsenal which should be released soon. I’m working with a record label from Philadelphia called ‘Funksect’ helping them organize release parties in France for their next compilation (which is really good)…. I’m working on the first EP of my side project “Two Face” with Okwa (a very talented producer from Lyon too), which is going to be something between acid house and nu-jazz. And before all, I’m already working on my next EP!

01- I:Cube – Deep Republic (Original Mix)
02- Smallpeople – Black Ice (Original Mix)
03- Uner – Sorry You (Original Mix)
04- Ballanova, XOXO – And I Love Him (Daniel Petronelli & Worp Remix)
05- Dahu – North (Nick Devon Remix)
06- Detroit Swindle – The Fat Rat (Original Mix)
07- Nail – Slap My Ass (Original Mix)
08- Simon Baker – Arpy 1 (Original Mix)
09- G4 – Who Loves You (Original Mix)
10- Ethyène – Tell Me Why (Original Mix)

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