HMWL Podcast 101 – Christian Nielsen (Play it Down, 8bit Records)


It’s autumn time. It might a bit depressing, but it also means that all the fantastic DJs and producers are coming back from their festival tours and Ibiza seasons. So we can once again get hold of them to talk about their music and to record a 1 hour live mix for us for the HMWL Podcast.

We start this autumn season with the first podcast by fantastic Copenhagen-based producer Christian Nielsen whom you might also remember under the monicker Chris Minus. Recently he release to amazing crowdmoveer remixes for Mr V’s Just Dance and Romanthony’s What Price is LoveWe called up this studio-busy dane to find out what’s up and for an exclusive HMWL Mix. Enjoy!

1. Daniel Steinberg – The Way You Are (Club Mix)
2. Italoboyz, Durant – Tasbodrome (Original Mix)
3. Nick Curly – Wake Me Up (Mathias Kaden’s Rhythm Remix)
4. Paul Strive – Take This Sound (Original Mix)
5. Riva Starr, Rssll – Hand In Hand (Nathan Barato Remix)
6. Harry Romero – Tania (Riva Starr Remix)
7. James Flavour, Sasse – Who’s In The House (Original Mix)
8. Jamie Trench – Bringin’ the Heat feat. Angus Jefford (Original Mix)
9. Gregory Dub, Ufuk K – Change The Mood (Original Mix)
10. Liam Geddes – Wednesday Blues (Original Mix)
11. The Organ Grinder – Steam Roller feat. Chesus (Original Mix)
12. Tuff City Kids – Breacher (Original Mix)

Christian Nielsen Q&A

HMWL: You started of as a DJ in Copenhagen in 2008 and than also as producer under the monicker Chris Minus, releasing tracks with Noir among others on labels like Suara and Neurotraxx, etc. Tell us a bit about those years.
Well I started DJing at a small bar called, The Dive, in Copenhagen by coincidence. I actually asked the owner for a bar tending job, but he had seen me digging the vibes of the resident DJ so much he thought I would fit as a DJ more. So from there it just kind of took of in a way I never saw coming. I started to DJ quite a lot around town and before I knew it the productions started. I have to be honest, I’m a late bloomer with DJing and house music. I can’t really say shit like: “My dad was a big Kraftwerk fan and then….” or stuff like that. It just kind of happend. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a music fan but I never thought that I would be in music. I think looking back things just happened, and I never tried to control it that much. It was all about getting inspired and being open minded.
 Now you are back producing under your full name Christian Nielsen. Remix wise you’ve been on fire lately. Is Christian Nielsen about a different music style? Or is it the same, maybe a bit more experienced Chris Minus sound?
After working as Chris Minus for some time I think I felt a bit trapped musically. Chris Minus had to sound like this or that. Or he had to play these tracks and not those. So when the chance came to change my name with Play It Down it was a no brainer. And maybe yes, I think that the change was a way of telling myself that its time to get serious. Time to use all my experience in a more productive way
Recently, you delivered two (in our opinion fantastic) remixes for two legendary names in house music. Romanthony and Mr V. Tell us how this happened.
Thanks for that! Well Romanthony was pretty simple. I got a request for the remix and couldn’t say no! Come on, who would say no of remixing one of the voices of house music?
Well the Mr. V thing is a bit funny. I’ve known Mr. V for a long time now. We’ve collaborated twice and with great succes on Play It Down and 8bit. But one day I was thinking of doing a bootleg of “Jus Dance” so I wrote to Mr. V, and he flipped. He was already working on new re-release of the track so it was perfect timing. When I gave V the track I knew it would do good, but to be honest I didn’t think it would blow up like that. Thankfully it did :-)
 Your studio set-up. What does it look like today for you and how has it changed during the last 5 years?
haha my setup is really really simple. iMac, midi keyboard and two Yamaha speakers I rarely use. I’ve been thinking a lot about expanding the setup, but everytime I think why?`I have no direct NEED to do so right now. I don’t feel my productions lack more gear. I guess I’m a firm believer of music is not made by the gear you have, but the idea in your head and your ability to put it into sound. If you can do that with massive studio-gear, good for you. If you only need your computer, good for you too :-) 
What does the new future look like for you? There are new tracks to be release on both Play It Down and 8-bit?
I’m currently working on a new single for Play It Down. I can’t really say so much about it because its still in progress. I’m also working on the next 8bit EP, and yet again this is also a work in progress. Besides that i have a few remixes coming out. Next one should be for Anek and after that for Huxley’s Saints & Sonnets label. Should be good :-)
Your next big club gig on the schedule is the Play It Down label night at good old Watergate in Berlin, playing together with Jesse Rose and Yousef. What’s your favorite venue in the world? Or a festival maybe?
Well of clubs I’ve actually played at I would have to say Watergate. Amazing club, vibe, sound and very cool and professional staff.
I would say I would really like to play Sankeys and Fabric, then I could die a happy man haha. But there are so many amazing clubs in the world, and new ones are always coming. Festivals? hmmm… Would love to try out Kazantip! Looks like fun.
Club scene in Copenhagen. If you would write your 3 best tips for Time Out Copenhagen, which clubs / joints would you recommend?
I would love to give you three places, but I’m only going to give you two. Culture Box and KB18. These two places are the only clubs in Copenhagen worth going to and promoting house culture.
Finally, what would you cook for a dinner with your 4 best friends at your place?
Haha, Well since I don’t cook and would have my girlfriend do that! She’s an amazing chef. But I would ask her to make veal parmesan for sure :-)


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