HMWL Podcast 100 – Ascorbite Live and interview


We are really proud of having this guy for our first release on HMWL! Just have a listen to his live set and you will understand why.


Tell us about the Ascorbite project and how does it differ from your “regular” Monicker Edgar Ariza.

As Ascorbite I’m exploring other sides of house and techno, meaning other ways of making music, building sounds etc. The musical difference is very big between my aliases. As Edgar I make clean and smooth deep house and tech house tunes for dance floors, with lots of groove, build ups and breaks and such, but with Ascorbite it’s about experimenting and just trying out whatever as long as it has a 4×4 kick. For instance I always try to use as few channels as possible and only allow myself to work with one sampler, one drum machine, one baseline and make the most of that. When I make Edgar tracks I use loads of channels. I love dirty and unconventional electronic music, which I’m sure shows in my recent work. Since I made Origin EP my main Ascorbite focus is dirty techno in different shapes and it will probably be for a long time to come.

The podcast is your live-set recorded during the HMWL release party at Debaser Malmö. Are there some certain parts in the mix that a listener should be especially aware off? New productions with potential to be released as solo tracks soon?

There is actually one track in there that I have plans for, but I’m not going to tell you which one haha. A hint: it’s gonna be a techno tune.

How does the “live sound” of Ascorbite differ from the type of sound you usually create when playing as DJ?

For starters I always make the tracks in my live sets from scratch, so it’s always exclusively new stuff the listener is going to hear. In this set I threw in a few elements from Origin, but not very many. I wanted to make it deep and slowly let it become a bit harder towards the end. I do the same thing with the build up in my DJ sets. When I DJ I play after the occasion, so if it’s a techno night I play dark and super hard, if it’s a deep house night I play smooth and groovy and so on. This live set became very deep because I wanted it to be on the same wave length as the EP.

What’s cooking in the pipe-line for Ascorbite / Edgar Ariza?

For Ascorbite there’s so much new music in the making and there are a lot of finished tracks that are just waiting to find their place. Some are gonna show up on my Soundcloud page and some are demos for labels to receive. A couple of remixes are also waiting to be released by Glasgow label SumSycheSynth Records, which is gonna be wicked. On the Edgar side a new track(which I’m super satisfied with!) is gonna come out on Spring Tube Label in about a month or so, new EP and remixes on Different Attitudes and also I’m working on a remix for a new label called Supervision Records. Great fun, keep an eye out!

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